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Society’s response to mental health

This post is all about how society view and respond to mental health vs physical health. Most of society see physical health as the most important thing. This is not the case, it is just as important as people’s mental health.

If someone was to break their arm, everyone would then help them out by carrying their things for them or helping them with simple tasks that are now difficult for them. However if someone was to have their heart broken or was upset by a comment someone made, nobody would make as much of a fuss. They may be fighting a battle inside but nobody would be aware of it and nobody would be as keen to help.

These are some examples of peoples responses to physical health vs mental health.

”you need to go to the doctors before it gets worse” would be “stop complaining so much, it can’t be that bad”

”slow down and take care of yourself“ would be “try harder”

”healing takes time” would be “why are you still suffering?”

By me writing this, I am not indicating that every person responds in this way. I am merely pointing out that there is still a stigma around how important mental health is and how some people can respond in this way. A lot of people don’t understand how mental illness can affect a person just like a physical illness can.

People commonly take time off work when they have a cold or have been sick. This may be because their body cannot function as well as it did before they were ”ill”. It is the same for a mental illness. I know from my own experience that it can be very hard to get to work with a mental illness. Working with children you have to be on the ball all the time, which can be very draining when trying to battle a mental illness at the same time. When I get home from work I feel mentally and physically exhausted and find it hard to do anything else. Even basic things like washing up pots.

I think it is important to share people’s experiences with mental health problems. For me personally, it makes me feel less alone to know other people feel similar or have had similar experiences to me.

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