• Heidi Mclone

I’m not being rude…

Having anxiety can be difficult. It can cause you to become very antisocial. A lot of the time people can seem rude towards others but actually it’s just their anxiety coming out and causing impolite behaviors. Some of these things can things include:

  • not responding to calls or messages

  • acting distant towards people

  • postponing plans

  • saying no to things

  • leaving early

  • cancel plans at the last minute

  • not feeling excited to meet new friends

  • not wanting to answer the front door

All of these behaviors are seen as rude to those who don’t suffer from or simply do not understand anxiety. It causes people to overthink situations and holds them back from doing certain things. It may be something that a person loves doing but one day it seems daunting or impossible to do.

These things are not spoke about that often because people genuinely do think we are being rude or just don’t want to do anything. This is not the case.

Please try to think that if a friend does any of these things, they may have anxiety and aren’t just being rude.

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